Tribute Earth

Knowledge for harmony


Western society has lost the consciousness of unity, that everything and everyone are one and come from the same origin. This has caused a disconnection with nature and its life cycles, boosting the degradation of ecosystems. It has also generated disconnection with ancestral roots, such as the memory of the territories and the uses of medicinal plants, devaluing the power of traditional medicine. We have forgotten, as individuals and as a society, to live in harmony and in a sustainable way with our environment.

Tribute Earth was born years ago with a documentary called "The ways of the spirit" whose main objective was to convey the message of the grandparents and grandmothers of ancient cultures. They continued their activity as a private initiative until today they become a nonn-profit foundation based in Miami. Having grown and evolved they needed to stop and reflect on the way forward, on how to order what they have and how to connect it with the people they are focused on.



The challenge before us is to change the positioning of Tribute Earth to align it with its current situation and the objectives of the newly created foundation, connecting ancient wisdom with current science, technology and art. Lower the entire conceptual cloud to the ground and establish a strategy with a purpose, a vision and a mission capable of being activated correctly. Create values ​​that connect who they are and what they believe in with what their audiences want.


We made an inn-depth study of the problems faced by its audiences and the competitive framework in which they find themselves. We did the business model and value proposition workshops and we created the positioning that is projected in its tagline “Knowledge for Harmony ”. By that we are connecting what they offer (knowledge) with what their audiences seek (balance and harmony).

From here we created a real purpose that can be activated by Tribute Earth: to restore balance and unity consciousness to people, returning to live in harmony, connection and order with nature and with themselves. We define their portfolio and how they create value through knowledge experimentation, through biocultural conservation projects, and how they do it thanks to transmedia narrative and immersive experiences. They facilitate access to ancestral wisdom, contemporary science and technology, and to artistic projects, all oriented and directed by its purpose.

Verbal and visual identity

To help them project the values ​​and personality of the brand, we created an integrating tone of voice. It invites union (simple and direct) with an inspiring, conciliatory and balanced character. Highlighting as a differential element the use of specific indigenous expressions ​​with their corresponding translation.

On a visual level they wanted to keep the hummingbird as a symbol, since it has accompanied them from the beginning and has an important meaning aligned with the new positioning. The hummingbird as a spiritual animal symbolizes the enjoyment of life and the lightness of being. It carries special messages, for this reason we keep the hummingbird as a symbol, thus becoming the messenger of Tribute Earth.

We have updated all the color and visual codes to align them with the new stage that is beginning. This will help them to project the brand personality, reinforcing the concepts of unity, of weaving knowledge, of reciprocity and of inspiration.

We have also created a branding system that helps convey the message of the different areas in which Tribute Earth works: medicinal plants, water, land and technology. The most geometric typeface communicates the most scientific and technological value of the brand. While the typeface chosen for the main messages speaks of friendship, closeness and respect, connecting us with our natural roots.