Movement is life


The Increasing mobility in recreational and work activities, as well as the thriving tourism industry, along with the growing trend in style by students, travelers, and commuters, are driving demand for mid-ssize fashion and casual backpacks.

Fugacargo was born from the hands of Elena Guillem Tello, a tireless designer and adventurer, who after pedaling for years in search of a different life, decided to set up her own brand of backpacks and travel accessories for people who travel by bicycle.

After several years of activity and growth, having consolidated the national market, she wanted to give a new impetus to the brand to project itself internationally.



The challenge before us is to develop a new brand strategy that allows Fugacargo to grow and position itself as the preferred option in the sector of mediumm-size fashion and casual backpacks in the international market. To create a new value proposition that connects with the new audiences to which it is presented. To update the essence of the brand and build it based on the values ​​aligned with the new stage.


After an inn-depth analysis of the category, the competitive framework and the product, we updated the brand essence to “Dynamic Living” which creates an axis from which we can build the idea of ​​movement and evolution. From here we define a rational positioning to be able to help the didactics of the brand "Backpacks for people on the go", accompanied by a claim that helps us connect with the emotional part of our audiences "Movement is life".

With the new positioning we reinforce the idea of ​​dynamism, adaptation, freedom and independence. We focuse on simplifying the daily movement of people through versatile and durable backpacks, always with a gender free design that connects with the core value of respect.

Visual identity

To project the brand personality, we carry out a process of updating the visual identity with the creation of a new logo and new visual codes. These help us to project freedom and versatility. It’s a minimalist system that expresses the essential, simplifying all visual codes to the maximum, while maintaining the fundamental.

The whole visual identity is born from the concept of dynamism. From the gesture of the F in the logo, which reinforces the idea of movement on the go, to the photographs with people always on the move, transmitting energy and adaptation.