Executive Organizational Intelligence


Executive Intelligence is the set of cognitive functions that allow us to carry out projects. It is the intelligence that makes us human, and that helps us manage our personal resources on the path of meeting our internal goals.

Today we find a multitude of organizations that lack a resonant, mobilizing leadership, of a natural, positive nature and aware of the changes that are currently taking place. Leading is much more than managing. There is what we call Executive Gap: the difference between the theory and the practice of things. Organizational contexts are full of incoherence, contradictions, and false promises. There are many deficits that have to do with executive aspects both in leaders and in entire organizations: a lot of impulsiveness, little energy, lack of motivation, lack of vision, lack of systemic awareness... Endless obstacles that keep us away from execution, from our ability to take action.

Juan Lajarín is a restless, curious person, who likes to investigate, look into matters, experiment and discover. After spending several years writing his own blog oriented to general management for companies, he began to put leadership in his head, heart and soul. All this has led to a book on executive intelligence in organizations. He needed to be able to organize and align all of his efforts in order to guide them to work the leadership of our family, institutional, educational, business systems… Wherever there are groups of people, leaders are needed.



The challenge before us is to create a brand from scratch. A brand capable of ordering and translating the entire conceptual cloud that Juan works and bring it down to earth, so that it can be easily assimilated and applied by leaders and organizations. We need to create a business model with a value proposition based on executive intelligence that is practical and actionable by the people who lead companies and organizations.


After a diagnosis where we study the leadership sector and its competitive framework in depth, we find that we always talk about how things should be done but nobody talks about how to start doing them, how executive intelligence is used. After the value proposition workshop, we created a rational positioning translated into the “Executive Organizational Intelligence” tagline, indicating what we do and for whom we do it. A rational first stage to help our audiences identify us correctly.

We started building the entire strategic brand platform with the idea of ​​being "Actively Perceptive" to reinforce the dynamic role we have and how we are capable of capturing, becoming aware of, knowing, understanding, experimenting and learning. What guides us is opening leadership to new ways of doing, providing clarity, flexibility and effectiveness. From here we built the entire verbal and visual universe.

Verbal identity

From the semantic field of intelligence we focus on perception. To perceive is to receive something and take care of it. It is to capture external sensations. It is understanding or knowing something. From here we built the Perceptians naming, to emphasize that we belong to intelligence. It’s an integrative name that invites reflection and participation.

We also define an archetype: mentor + visionary. We define it since Perceptians guide you to knowledge with intelligence, understanding and strategy. It illuminates with the truth and clears the confusion. We created the Perceptians tone of voice and defined their Brand Story, based on archetype and role. All this work prompted the completion of the book that Juan was writing, giving him the necessary guidance to connect with the people to whom the book is directed. We developed the title and subtitle of the book to be aligned with the entire Perceptians universe: Vision Accomplished, the power to lead executive intelligence in organizations.

Visual identity

The visual identity also helps us to project the brand's personality through the chosen visual codes. The circle as an identity gesture in the logo conveys the tactical, creative, simple and balanced character of Perceptinas' personality. The typeface is a modern and geometric sans serif, with subtle angles. It helps us create an open, inviting, warm and lucid environment. The chromatic range connects the emotional and rational parts, balancing them to convey that intelligence and flexibility.

Likewise, we created a brand system, where we find a window that always goes beyond, getting out of the margins, inviting us to explore. It is a window where things happen, where we find powerful messages through photography and illustrations that support the idea of ​​creativity and enthusiasm. A whole verbal and visual universe that together create a well-ooriented brand experience aligned with the strategic axis, being actively perceptive.